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Burnthwaites are UK Siamese and Oriental Cat Breeders [Reciprocal Link]
Burnthwaites are UK Siamese and Oriental Cat Breeders based in Bolton, Greater Manchester. We also breed Oriental Bicolours and Foreign Whites.
Balinese catteries
A German cattery also working with Siamese cats and specializing in white, blue, and seal points. Site is in German and English.
Bethanjo Siamese
Welcome to Bethanjo Cats & Kittens. The Home of our Siamese Cats.
Blue Turtle Siamese
Located in the Quebec City area (Canada) and site is in French & English.
Cattery de Girones
In Dutch.
Cattery Mazal-Tov
Photographs and pedigrees from this Belgian breeder. Site in Belgain, French, and English.
Cattery Van Scarlettini
Dutch breeder of Siamese and Oriental Shorthair in many colours and patterns. They raise our kittens under foot.
Based in Toledo, Ohio. Kitten information and photos of the cats.
Photographs and contact information from an Illinois breeder working with Traditional Siamese.
Crysalis & Damo
Photos and contact information from these breeders in Brisbane, Australia.
Located in Quebec, also works with Javanese, Oriental Longhairs and Sphynx.
Fairy Dust Siamese
Breeds seal point, chocolate, blue, and lilac Siamese cats.
Firousi Siamese & Orientals Homepage
Cat breeder. Cactus grower. Club Secretary Lilac Point Cat Society.
Located near Lancashire, UK; also works with Orientals. Photographs of their cats and kittens.
Located in southern New Mexico working with Traditionals. Photos and contact information.
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