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AnaManx's Cattery
Photographs and breed information.
Blarney Cattery
Showing and breeding Manx and Birman cats. With photos, links, and more.
History of the breed and an explaination of its characteristics, photos, kitten availability information, breed and Isle of Man links.
Dey Dream
Photographs from this New Jersey breeder.
Breed information,origins, legends, available cats/kittens and retired breeders, rescues and how to find a reputable breeder.
Located in North Carolina and Florida. Photos of their kittens and winning cats, cattery information.
Manx Cats
Information on the Manx cat including description, history and temperament.
Photographs of this Vermont breeder's cats.
Titania Cattery
Breeding champion Manx cats. Includes pictures, upcoming litters, and more.
Vagary Mews
Breeder located in North Carolina.
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