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Ailuro's Maine Coons
Raised for pet and show and bred for health, temperament, and type. Available in all colors except white.
Aloa's Maine Coon Cattery
Photographs of cats and kittens as well as pedigrees and links from this breeder in Copenhagen.
They are a little Maine Coon cattery with sometimes babys raised in the family.
Atticus Maine Coons
Describes lines and pedigrees, and includes show results and photos of cats and kittens.
Auchentoshan Maine Coons
Breeder located in Bavaria, whose website is viewable in German and English. Contains pedigrees, pictures and links.
Beau-Maine Cattery
Breeder of Maine Coon cats.
Located in Wroclaw, Poland. Site includes current news, planned litters, photographs, pedigrees and related links.
Biloxi Maine Coon Cats
Breed and cattery history, pictures and litter details. Located near Copenhagen.
Blackfeet Maine Coon Cats
Small cattery in Copenhagen. Site features pedigrees, pictures and links.
Blazers Maine Coon Cats
Lots of photos. Member of the Maine Coon Breeders and Fanciers Association.
Cabincoon Maine Coon Cattery
Specializes in breeding Maine Coon cats and kittens. Regional and national Grand Champion winning bloodlines.
CaliMaine Cattery
Includes movies, photos, and fun information about purebred Maine Coon cats raised without cages.
Cattery Abesh
Breeder located near Antwerp. Site includes photos, pedigrees and contact information.
Cattery Magic Coonie
They are a small Maine Coon Cattery in Belgium. Sometimes they have babies.
Coogan's Maine Coon
A cattery located near Slagelse. Site presents pictures, pedigree information, ancestry, future plans and related links.
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