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Blue River
Photographs from this French breeder who also works with Exotics. Site is in French and English.
Breeder located in Moscow. Photographs and pedigrees of the cats, information about the cattery.
A small CFA cattery in Davenport, Iowa. CFA registered. PKD tested. Pictures and pedigrees.
Catley Crue
Photographs from this breeder located in South Dakota.
Cayugafarm Cattery
Provider of Himalayan and Persian kittens.
Chatterie Double Forgeron
Breeder in the Netherlands; site in English and Dutch. Photographs, cattery information, articles on the breed.
Located in South Dakota, concentrates on lynx-points. Photographs, pedigrees.
Fancy Friends
Located in Laguna Beach, Calilfornia and specializing in most colors including lynx points. CFA registered. Show and pet quality.
Fralemar Persians
Milan breeder also working with Persians. Photographs, pedigrees, links.
Located in South Carolina and specializing in lynx points. CFA registered.
Hara Belle
FIFe breeder located in Argentina. Site in English and Spanish.
Himmi Katz
Located in northeastern Ohio and breeding most colors including chocolates and lynx pts.
South Lanarkshire, Scotland breeder. Photographs, cattery information.
Located in upstate New York; also works with Persians. Photographs, kitten care information.
Himalayan and Persian cattery - also offering website hosting and design for other catteries.
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