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Advent Hill Cattery
Breeders of the Maine Coon Cat, British Shorthairs, and the Norwegian Forest Cat.
FIFe-registered. Located in Gothenburg, Sweden specialising in self colours.
British Silver Cats
Group page for breeders specializing in silvers. Information on and links to members' pages, current news.
Britz British Shorthair Cattery
Located in Western Australia, specializes in silver tabbies and blue. Photographs and cat overview, cattery information.
Breeder located in Surrey in the UK, specialising in selfs and bi-colours.
Breeders in Denmark -specialising in self blues. Photographs. Site provides English and Danish translations.
Cuddleton British Shorthairs
Cuddleton British Shorthairs breed in a full range of eight colours in both solid and bicolour from the popular blue to the new cinnamon and fawn.
Exclusive Cattery SHALATUR
Imported British cats"SHALATUR"specializes in breeding of the kittens of TOP SHOW and SHOW quality of various colors.
Ferrersford British Shorthair
Breeders specialising in white, black, blue, black-tipped, and tortoiseshell.
A Danish breeder of cats in blue, black, and spotted colors. Provides details of the breeder's cats and a kitten list.
Purebred Maine Coon Cats and British Shorthairs.
La Chatte
Breeder located in Denmark, specialising in the colour blue only. Pedigrees and photographs of the breeders cats are included.
Located in New York and specialising in self blue coloured cats. Includes a section with articles on blood type incompatibility, facts about declawing, and the myths and facts about spraying.
British GCCF registered breeder working with bi-colours, creams, and blue-tortie and white cats.
Specializing in blue and blue-cream and cream colors. Photographs, breed and cattery information.
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