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Tips to Choose Cat Collars

Most of pet owners have the need to protect their lovely cat companion. It is very traumatic to lose a cat but this is to be expected as it happens every day. There is an affordable and simple way to protect your dearly loved cat – the cat collar. It is the best collar for greatest safety that can be found in the market today. Follow this guide to find the finest cat collar that will suit both pet owner and kitty.

The need for a cat collar arises due to its number of important functions. First of all, it provides the necessary identification that will be of good use when the cat gets lost. Any person who finds the cat can easily find the owner to return the pet because of the information provided in the collar. This is a very noticeable item wrapped around the cat so it is quite eye-catching, making it hard to be overlooked by any person. Even if the owner’s pet is used to experiencing the outdoors, it can still get lost. Meanwhile, cats kept indoors do escape at times. Cat collars are thus suitable for any cat, whether the owner allows it to roam outdoors or not. Aside from owner identification, cat collars may also provide a reflective surface to help drivers spot the pet cat before something dangerous happens. Some even have anti-flea properties that will help the pet cat avoid fleas, keeping it healthy.

Although cat collars are useful in providing identification, they can cause some hazards as well. To avoid this danger posed by collars, the breakaway cat collar will break upon applying enough pressure. For example, when the pet cat gets snagged on a branch and it pulls away, the collar will give in. The cat will be freed and be able to escape without any harm.

In choosing the best breakaway cat collar, there are a lot of factors that can be considered. The most common material of collars is nylon fabric due to its strength, light weight, and comfort. There is quite an array of options for color and design. The appropriate size suitably fitted for the pet cat is important. It should be small enough to ensure that the pet cat won’t slip out of it, but it should also be not too tight to avoid discomfort. The ideal tightness is when the owner is able to fit two fingers inside the collar. It is best to let cats start wearing a breakaway collars when they are still kittens before 6 months of age.

Owners cannot always be on their pet cat’s side no matter how much they love their precious cat. The need to give protection to their dear ones can be provided by breakaway cat collars. Take care of pet cats well and grant them with a very reliable and affordable breakaway cat collar.

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