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The Most Popular Cat Breeds

Cat is one of the most popular pets all over the world. So, if you’re seeking one from many breeds of cat, it is advisable to learn about the most popular cat breeds first to make sure that you are adopting the perfect breed for you. Below are some details about the most popular cat breeds:

1. Persian: Probably one of the most popular breeds of cat among cat lovers is Persian cat. The distinguishable fluffy and flowing coat and pug-nosed face make this breed a favourite for many pet owners out there. In terms of its personality, Persian cats have laid back personality and sometimes dog-like characteristic as some people would describe it.

2. Siamese: Many people would refer Siamese cats as cats with most personality. They are very outgoing and temperamental. They are also the most social and friendly among other breeds of cats. They can go very loud too as they express their affection through their voices. However, their voices are soft to listen to.

3. Maine Coon: Another popular breed among cat owners is Maine Coon. What makes this breed so popular is its very beautiful appearance – medium to long fur, glossy coat, long and bushy tail that it usually wraps around itself when sleeping as protection to the cold weather as well. Maine coon could grow big when it reaches its 4th year but they remain gentle, sweet and loving breed of feline. This breed of cat is very good as in-house pet. Another great thing about Maine Coon is that it is very easy to maintain. You just need to brush its coat everyday and you are sure to keep them looking presentable always.

4. British Shorthair: This breed is very popular in the British Isles. Though many people would also call this breed as “British Blue”, it is in fact available in other colors. It has dense, plush and short coat.

5. American Shorthair: This breed has dense, hard, lustrous and short coat. It is a very active, easy going and playful type of cat. This is indeed perfect for little kids who enjoy playing with their pet cat.

6. Bengal: There are growing numbers of people all over the world sharing love for Bengal breed. It has soft and dense coat. You will surely enjoy its active, inquisitive, loving and affectionate personality. It grows up to 15 pounds.

It is indeed fun to have pet cat in the house. However, it would be more enjoyable if you will choose the breed of cat perfect for your personality as well.

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