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Choosing Toys For Your Cat

Cats and kittens are inquisitive animals that require a lot of attention and stimulation and they often love to play with their owners. If a cat becomes bored it can impact on their mood – particularly if they are an indoor animal who cannot go out and explore. It is therefore important that alongside your own time and attention you give your cat plenty to occupy them while you are out, including a range of cat toys.

Choosing items for your cat to play with needn’t be an expensive task. There are a huge range of products out there to accommodate the preferences of all cats as well as your pocket. Before you head to the pet store, or surf online for the perfect present, you should spend some time observing your pet in play. Toys currently available on the market tend to focus on cat’s natural instincts to chase, pounce, scratch, stalk or climb. To encourage your kitty not to scratch your sofa or climb your curtains, how about buying them a scratcher tree to play with? Similarly, if your cat likes to chase your mop or stalk your hoover, you may want to look out for fishing rod style toys which will let you join in with the fun.

Most cat toys bought from specialist retailers are made to withstand normal wear and tear, but it’s best not to give anything to a kitten that you would not be happy for a small child to play with. Also, do not get disheartened if your cat loses interest in some of their toys. This doesn’t mean your kitty is being demanding or picky; it is more likely that like children their taste in toys has developed as they have gotten older. Try to come up with new ways to use the toys in play, or invest in a few new products. Playtime isn’t just for kittens so spend time engaging older cats in play too – it’s a great way to bond and will help keep you both fit too.

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