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Cats Training – Fundamentals

Some basic yet very important information for pet owners. In particular we cover the most essential elements that must not be overlooked when attempting to train a kitten or adult cat…

Below are a few simple training steps to get you on your way!

Give your cat more attention

Did you know that when cats get bored they will do anything to get your attention? Cats by nature are nocturnal animals but by giving your cat more attention during the day he will sleep better at night and be less mischievous. By playing with cat toys and even rewarding your little friend with treats when playing will help your cat feel more secure and will respect you more.

Lecture your kitten or adult cat immediately after misconduct

If you wait too long to lecture your cat for misbehavior, your cat will forget what he did wrong and believe you are just punishing him. It is recommended that you lecture your feline within seconds of misconduct so it will understand what your cat did wrong.

Feed your feline on a regular basis

Are you trying to potty train your cat? Did you know that having regular playing and eating times will help you not only have a happy cat but it will help you train your cat to have regular potty sessions. The basic food needs to keep your feline healthy consist of:

– Protein from meat, fish or poultry.
– Taurine, needed for healthy tissue.
– Vitamins, minerals, enzymes and fatty acids.
– Water.

These ingredients come in many different brand name foods.

Potty Training a Kitten

When bringing home a kitten the first step in introducing your home is to show him the litter box. Let your kitten sniff it and walk around in the litter box to get used to it. If you just put it the kitten in the litter box and tell it to potty the kitten will become frightened and be afraid to use the litter box. Also to keep your house from being the kitten’s bathroom, keep the litter, food and water in one room. After the kitten or adult cat understand that the only place to potty is the litter box you should be able to let your feline roam the rest of your house.

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