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Aloeway Naturally Raised American Bobtails
Includes kittens, photos, contacts, and breed history.
American Bobtail
Breeder of Top Quality American Bobtail Kittens offering Lynx Points, Silvers, Browns, Chocolates, and Blues.
American Bobtails by Vanmef
They are a newer cattery regestered with ACFA, CFA,and TICA specializing in American Bobtails.
Cat-Chi Cats
Specializing in the Japanese Bobtail. Offers history, breed standard, litter information, and links.
Catalons and Strangelucks
California and Massachusetts breeders.
Kiddlyn Japanese Bobtails
Produces longhair and shorthair Japanese Bobtails in all colors. Provides pedigrees and information about available kittens.
Whitetail Run Bobtail
Whitetail Run Bobtails is a small family cattery located in a rural part of Loudoun County, Virginia.
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